Artist Statement

Andrea Gregson’s research is an ongoing inquiry into obsolescence, materiality, value and site using making as a ‘knowledge generating process’ and an approach to ‘thinking and invention’. Recently she has realised a project called Casting Space: Sculpture from the Anthropocene, developed from of a long-term interest in objects in series and taxonomies of display. The work explores sculptures ability to fold time and space into an object, the intertwining of its story, the manufacturing process and the investment of the artists’ labour. Recent works are cast from waste packaging, literally inside out, playing with notions of surface and soul. The works focus is on sculptures’ potential to transform and collapse matter and the casting process used to mimic forces of nature, with its potential to quickly and radically transform materials.  The work creates a new geology out of the leftovers from a person’s movement through time, merging forms from mass production and structures in nature.